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The Power of Appreciation

Do you wish you felt more alert, happy, and in-control during your week? While countless companies offer their products and services to improve your life, one solution is simple and free: Give appreciation to yourself and others. Here are three aspects of your life you can improve by giving honest, sincere appreciation:

  • Promote Professional Success: We can easily fall into the trap of focusing on the frustrating moments in our jobs. To counter this frame of mind, set time daily to remind yourself why your unique strengths have earned you this job. Give yourself a pat on the back for not only the contributions you make, but also the goals you and your team have achieved, and the overall progress you’ve made. When we take it further, and give positive, honest feedback to our team members, we open our company and ourselves to the growth possible from a group of people unified in sharing their individual strengths. Don’t be afraid to promote an atmosphere of reward and acknowledgement, and remember that you are as valuable as your impressive peers. And if you find yourself craving more fulfilling work where your gratitude will shine, consider starting an amazing second career.
  • Reflective Ownership: While the desire for a new purchase can be a compelling motivator, don’t forget to pause and assess what you currently own. Remind yourself what comforts and objects presently make your life meaningful. If you push yourself to stay thankful of what you already own, you will be less compelled to unnecessarily spend and jeopardize your hard-earned financial security.
  • Inward Appreciation: Reduce your moments of self-doubt and burnout by giving your personal accomplishments and financial discipline the acknowledgement and reward they deserve. Remind yourself of daily victories, however small. By searching for what is praiseworthy about ourselves, we increase our ability to overcome self-defeating beliefs, and thus enable ourselves to access our talents and meet potential that otherwise could have gone ignored.

To learn more ways to improve your professional and financial life, including starting an exciting second career, visit the Syncis blog at https://www.syncis.com/blog/.