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The Benefits of Living in the Present

You may have 20/20 hindsight or believe you need to focus on the future. But in the end, it’s important to keep in mind that the only time you truly have control over is now

While you want to plan for the future, you also want to make a point of living in the present. 

Why? Because the practice of living for now, also known as mindfulness, has shown to help reduce anxiety and enable people to take real action in their lives. 

Anyone can benefit from a habit of mindfulness. It may take time, but even the act of stopping to take a few deep breaths throughout your day can do a lot to save you from thoughts that may be taking you away from your present moment.

Living in the moment will help you move closer toward your goals. Striving to live in the moment can:

Improve Your Focus: Anxiety, distracted thoughts, or a habit of daydreaming can take up more mental bandwidth than you realize. The more often you pay attention to the present moment, the better you will be able to identify and address both mental and external distractions. Mindfulness can help you catch the fine details and correct mistakes. A habit of living in the moment can also help you be ready and comfortable when a situation requires you to act quickly and decisively. 

Boost Your Productivity: If you pay attention to your daily habits, you may begin to notice opportunities to streamline your schedule. For example, you may realize that you have a habit of checking social media or procrasti-cleaning when you want a break from your to-do list. Consider time blocking these activities to help you get more done each day. 

Boost Your Mood: Part of checking in with yourself should include observing your physical and mental state. A habit of checking in with your surroundings often lends to another positive habit: gratitude. Allow yourself to enjoy the aspects of your environment. Take a moment to feel proud of what you have accomplished so far! If you push yourself to take a break from stressful trains of thought and re-orient yourself with your surroundings, you will also in turn eventually lower your heart rate and stress levels. The healthier your blood flow, the happier you will feel! 

Help You Stay on Track: Your physical, mental, and financial health all benefit from regular check-ups. Staying mindful will enable you to make or adjust your plans for the future as needed. It is perfectly normal and recommended to adjust your course as you go in order to achieve your goals!

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