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The Art of Adaptation: Leading During Difficult Times

Good leaders form plans to help their team meet and exceed their goals. But what happens when you have an impeccable plan and suddenly, external circumstances change beyond your control? From a downturn in the economy to illnesses and natural disasters, part of any high-quality plan includes addressing the unexpected. 

While your team’s usual routine may have worked well in the past, adaptability will enable you to lead during both good times and bad. You must be prepared to adjust your plans at any time. 

The following habits will help you be an effective leader when adversity strikes: 

Reflect on Your Values: Need to adjust your plan of attack? No matter how you respond to change, if you stick to your primary goals and values, you will be able to feel proud of your efforts. 

Think in Terms of Solutions: Approach change in terms of how you and your team can adapt, learn, and grow. While no one enjoys unpleasant and sometimes downright terrible changes, these transitions can serve as reminders of your strengths and the important example you set for your team. If you are unsure what move to make next, consider reconnecting with members of your network for ideas. 

Create Back-Up Plans: Always anticipate and prepare for changes in your professional, personal, or financial life. Be proactive instead of reactive. Make a habit of adjusting your plans regularly along the way to anticipate rough weather, instead of rushing to plug unwelcome leaks! Take time to imagine and create back-up plans for how you and your team can achieve your long-term goals. Diversifying your skillset can also generally improve your ability to adapt to change in the future.  

Get an Outside Perspective: If it feels like your problems outnumber your solutions, you don’t have to face them alone. Get support. No matter how high you are on the success ladder, you’ll benefit from a support group! Invite a third party, like your mentor or a trusted peer, to view your plans with an objective eye. They can help you course-correct and find the solutions that are true to you. 

While no two people or businesses are the same, all entrepreneurs have had to master the art of pivoting. Learn more ways to overcome challenges and transition to your next step at the Syncis Money Blog today.