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Team Morale Down? Be a Source of Positive Energy!

When your team loses confidence, productivity and positivity can go down the drain. A number of factors can interrupt the momentum of anybody’s day! If you notice that your team’s energy levels and positivity are waning, thankfully, you can help. There are a number of actions you can take today to boost people’s faith in their shared cause, their goals, and themselves.

You will help everybody around you feel more excited for their day if you: 

Acknowledge Progress.

Don’t withhold praise. Even tiny steps deserve to be celebrated! Instead of waiting for huge milestones to give thanks to your teammates, recognize their weekly growth and regular contributions. The more people know that their role is appreciated and that they have an impact on the team’s overall goals, the more excited and motivated they will feel.

Check In.

It can be easy to become swept up in your responsibilities for the week. Remember to still make time to get up-to-date with your team members. Invite their feedback. Listen to their suggestions! Good leaders know how to incorporate everyone’s strengths, as well as support their team’s work-life balance needs. 

Focus on Solutions.

Push yourself and your team to focus on solutions, rather than the sources of your problems. Hindsight is only so useful; looking forward is the true key to finding success. In general, try to face issues, challenges, and missteps with positivity. If you believe in solutions and support your team, they in turn will believe that they can solve any problem at hand. 

Teach Responsible Risk-Taking.

In general, reward new ideas that are well thought out. But don’t reinvent the wheel when a successful formula already exists. Growth comes from a combination of risk-taking and using tried-and-true methods. Mentorship can help you and your team learn how and when to take risks, and how and when to consider a more trusted approach to your problem. 

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