Summer Savings: 4 Ways to (Sun)block Yourself from Budget-Breaking Expenses

Follow these four tips to save big during the summer months:

  • AC Is a Blessing and a Curse: If you live in a hot region, a programmable thermostat could save you up to 20%. Be sure to get new air filters; old filters will reduce your AC’s efficiency. Sitting still? Turn off the AC and opt for a floor or ceiling fan.
  • Cancel Your Cable Subscription for the Summer: You might like the break from TV and enjoy more of the outdoors.
  • Save on Food: Grow your own! As a result, you’ll spend more time outside. Plus, seed packets only cost a few dollars. Or, find your nearest Farmers Market: seasonal produce is often cheaper.
  • Water You to Do?: Aside from the tomatoes and cucumbers you’re now growing, let up on your garden work. Water lawns in the early morning hours, once or twice a week. Landscaping is a major chunk of most water bills.

If you can curb the cost of summer socializing and warm-weather utility use, you can relax in your hammock knowing you’re saving, not spending!


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