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Self-Compassion Can Be More Helpful Than Self-Esteem

While it never hurts to feel confident, self-confidence alone does not translate to success. It pays to be kind to yourself, just as it pays to believe in yourself. 

Self-compassion is an integral aspect of: 

Personal Growth: Be kind to yourself. Understand that you, like everyone else, are going through a learning process. The bumps you may encounter as you work to accomplish your goals are normal. While it may feel like a natural reflex to be self-contemptuous after missteps and unwanted outcomes, beware spending too much time feeling disappointed in yourself. Instead, push yourself to be grateful for mistakes; they are learning opportunities! Don’t be afraid of these moments. Instead, build them into your planning process. Taking calculated risks means that you recognize there is room for mistakes. By being kind to yourself, you give yourself greater capacity to respond to potential missteps without their breaking your stride.  

Staying Optimistic: Difficulties and elements out of your control can change the direction of your day in an instant. Instead of dreading the future or cursing your present situation, take a moment to look inward. Allow yourself to nurture your needs. Self-kindness will enable you to stop blaming yourself for things you do not control and, instead, help you believe in your ability to keep on fighting in the face of the unknown and learn from your mistakes. 

Building Resilience: Tough times can understandably take a lot out of a person. A habit of self-kindness will help you learn how to recover when your efforts are not

producing the outcomes you want. Stress and change are facts of life; by being kind to yourself, you will build greater resilience in the face of these unpleasant but unavoidable aspects of professional, financial, and personal endeavors. 

Preparing for the Unknown: Believe in yourself, but also believe in a safety net! You owe it to yourself to plan ahead for the future. An emergency fund and appropriate insurance coverage can go a long way to help you maintain your momentum and avoid the need to dig deep or disrupt your savings progress.

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