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Screen Overload? Four Ways to Give Your Mind (and Eyes!) a Break

Are you trying to streamline your productivity or stay up to date on the latest in news and entertainment? Chances are, you’ll use a screen-based device to help you do it. While screens have become an almost natural part of our work and personal lives, they are not necessarily natural for our bodies! 

If you are experiencing upper body tension, headaches, or eye strain, you may want to adjust the way you utilize your tech. Whenever you look at a phone, computer, TV, or tablet, make sure you:

Maintain Good Posture: Healthy blood flow is not only good for your heart, it’s good for your brain. If you are hunched over your device, you may be cutting off your circulation and perpetuating an unhealthy posture. Even a slight bend in your neck can lead to discomfort and spinal issues down the road. When you use your computer, set the monitor at a height directly across from your natural eyeline. Sit in an ergonomic chair or consider investing in a standing desk. If you have to spend an extended amount of time with a phone or tablet screen, hold it across from your face, not in your lap.

Pay Attention to Light: Dim lighting is not healthy for your eyes. Unfortunately, neither is too much bright white light or the blue light associated with tablets, smartphones, and certain types of LED lights. If you limit your exposure to these lights, you will be helping your eyes now, and in the future! 

Take Breaks: The results of a 2018 Nielson Total Audience Report indicate that American adults spend an average of eleven hours a day consuming media from their devices. That’s almost half the day! Give your eyes a short break every fifteen minutes and a longer break every two to three hours, at least. These are excellent moments to take a walk outside or chat with a coworker. As long as your breaks are part of maintaining productivity and not a substitute for it, they are an important part of your workday. Your body will thank you. 

Exercise: Do neck and eye exercises from time to time. This will help keep your upper body muscles relaxed and reduce the risk of tension-related issues. Find an eye or neck workout that feels right for you, even a few minutes of attention will go a long way with these muscles.

Your physical health and comfort are an important part of your day. You deserve relief! If you have optimized your workspace and weekly habits, but are still experiencing headaches or eye strain, you may want to schedule a check-up with a healthcare professional such as an optometrist or chiropractor. 

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