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Progress IS Possible!

When we reach a new goal or move in a positive direction, we usually feel proud of our growth and momentum. So why not let this optimism carry us forward with every step we take? Unfortunately, self-doubt and limiting beliefs often prevent us from making progress toward our professional and financial goals. While it is true that any pursuit will be subject to external circumstances, if we focus on what we can control, we will improve our ability and readiness to succeed.

One of the most important and often overlooked elements within our control is our belief in ourselves. Consider these three scenarios where believing that you can or cannot do something will make a major difference in your outcomes:

Learn Something New: Sometimes we have to gain a new skill, while other times doing so is our choice. Our jobs may require us to learn a new task, or we may decide to take on a new fun activity, like ceramics, snorkeling, or picking up a new dance move! While learning something new is often exciting, many of us may get trapped focusing on the negative: the time it will take or the mistakes we’ll make along the way. Nerves and stress have shown to interfere with the brain’s ability to learn, not to improve it! If we have faith in our ability to adapt and benefit from new ways of thinking, we can grow in ways we may not have realized possible.

Achieve Your Goals: If you set a goal but feel worried about your ability to accomplish it, you may be impeding your success without realizing it. On the other hand, if you approach a goal with confidence, such as a savings target, you will be far more likely to maintain the healthy saving and spending habits required to see the growth you want! But if you doubt that you can save, you are subconsciously giving yourself a future excuse to not do as much as you possibly can.

Motivate Yourself: Your weekly schedule is full. You simply couldn’t be any more productive … or could you? You may be surprised that if you take the time to look for room in your schedule, you can spot areas where you can become more efficient. The generally negative feelings that can come from a long work day can make us forget about the moments we still have to ourselves. Many of us have room to add more, such as an additional source of income through a second career, to our schedules. What we can enjoy and accomplish in any given set of time is largely dependent on our belief that we will use our time wisely and accomplish our goals.

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