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“New” Is Not Always the Answer!

How often do you feel tempted to try something new? It’s nearly impossible to leave your house or go online without running into ads for the “latest and greatest” in tech, clothing, or entertainment. It can be hard to tell when it’s genuinely time for a new approach, product, or job or when you’re falling for another sales pitch.

Tempted to try something new? The necessity for new versus tried-and-true will depend on your personal preference and situation. For example, you may be considering:

A Change of Plan: If you are questioning your current approach to your personal or financial goals, check in with a trusted mentor. They can help you identify which methods are viable and well-tested and which simply have the appeal of being «new and cutting-edge.» Most goals take time to achieve and require some trial and error at first. While it can be tempting to jump from plan to plan, have patience with yourself. Give yourself time to grow and learn from each step along the way. 

Buying Something New: Unfortunately, our brains begin to associate “new” things with the potential for positive stimulation or accomplishment at an early age. If you push yourself to overcome your initial desires for the latest car, shoe, or phone, you will help re-train your mind. A practice of gratitude can additionally enable you to maintain your self-control when you feel yourself drawn toward something new. When possible, repair broken items instead of replacing them. Or consider buying gently used, instead of paying the full retail prices of the newest models. When you want to give into your urge to splurge, remember, you could be saving, building security, or reducing your debts instead! 

A New Career: If your job presents challenges or requires you to learn new things, it is never a bad idea to push yourself to learn and grow! However, if a job isn’t satisfying you, it may be a sign that you DO need to try a new professional pursuit or a new career. For example, you may decide that building your own business may provide you the fulfillment you seek. While not easy, if you follow in the footsteps of those who have done so successfully, you increase your likelihood of high achievement. 

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