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Navigating Change Skillfully

If life teaches us one thing, it is that change is inevitable. But while change can often reveal new pathways and opportunities, going through it is not always pleasant. Advances in technologies and business models have brought especially aggressive change to companies and job markets, and businesses are struggling to keep up. No doubt the speed at which the professional world is changing is not slowing down. Thus you will have a much easier time achieving professional success if you adopt strategies to help you embrace and adapt to the changes around you.

By following these three helpful habits, you’ll adjust to ever-changing technologies, markets, and business models with grace and confidence:

Seek Mentors: The career changes facing you may feel unfamiliar and thus scary. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many like-minded business men and women have come before you to face the unknown and build solutions in their field. Seek a mentor who has experience with the tried-and-true methods of your profession. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or feel pressured to jump on every bandwagon. You can instead get helpful advice from a mentor who will cast a knowledgeable eye on what the benefits and drawbacks of these new approaches may be. Save yourself time and energy and reduce the chances of making a mistake with something “new,” by seeking the advice of those who came before you.

Focus on What You Control: Change happens, whether we like it or not. While change may bring about circumstances we cannot control, what we can control is our response. Build a strong foundation that will prevent you from feeling shaken by change. What will this foundation look like? Support yourself with a combination of new professional skills and self-care habits, so that you can adjust to any professional situation and keep your cool while doing so! Many Americans have also decided to pursue multiple sources of income in order to reap both professional and financial benefits. The added skillset and savings create a strong foundation to help offset the pressures of change. If you feel like your professional future is out of your control, speak to a mentor who can guide you toward doable, positive action.

Stay Positive: Change brings possibilities. Unfortunately, life often teaches us to fear change and the unknown stresses that come with it. Self-doubt is a guaranteed way to stall action in its track. Enable yourself to face change and identify new opportunities by maintaining a mindset of positivity. One of the best ways to stay positive is to seek the support of the people around you, including your mentor. They can help you realize that every problem has a solution. With the help of peers and mentors, you can learn to maintain an open mind and grow from any change you face.

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