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Most Effective Leaders Stay True to Themselves

Are you interested in becoming a more effective leader? Famous ones throughout history may have credited a variety of skills and traits with the secrets of their success. But one trait spans the legacy of leadership around the world: self-awareness

No matter how and where you lead, in general, some degree of self-awareness will be required in order to nurture your other leadership skills. With a little bit of daily dedication, a habit of self-awareness can enable you to excel as leader, teammate, and professional in any field. 

Self-awareness will help you become a more effective leader because you will:

Become a Better Communicator: Even though self-awareness is a necessary component of success, you will not necessarily succeed if you are always looking inward! You need to hone your ability to convey ideas and solve problems alongside your teammates. An awareness of your present mental state will help you better channel stress and speak with clarity when the moment calls for it. Emotional intelligence in turn enables you to share your true intelligence! Mindfulness can help you identify areas where you think you can become a better communicator, as well as find and explore your personal communication strengths. 

Become a Better Decision-Maker: Unchecked, emotions run the risk of impeding one’s ability to respond logically or fairly. A habit of mindfulness can help you stay aware of emotions as you experience them. Self-awareness can thus help you avoid poor snap judgements and instead keep logic and the best interests of your team in mind.  

Give Yourself Better Self-Care: Reflect on what you truly enjoy and value. Making decisions during the day that stay true to your values can help relieve stress and improve your mood all on its own! Pursuing forms of self-reward that are true to you will be especially replenishing. 

Boost Your Confidence: A practice of mindful self-awareness can help you better observe your own thought patterns, instead of being controlled by them. As a result, you may identify negative internal self-talk that is self-sabotaging and limiting your potential! With time, you can learn how to replace these negative messages with ones that encourage and motivate you, rather than discourage and exhaust you. 

Earn Others’ Trust: Self-awareness can help you become a more empathetic person to yourself and others. When you are kind to yourself, you enable yourself to be outwardly kind. A practice of self-gratitude will in fact allow you to better express your gratitude to the mentors, teammates, and peers who support you!

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