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Improve Your Focus in Five Steps

Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, have a habit of multitasking, or simply wish you were a little more productive during your day? If you tend to have trouble focusing, you are not alone! Thankfully, with a few tried-and-true steps and a little time, you can help retrain your brain to focus and function far better than before. 

You will improve your ability to focus if you: 

Approach Tasks One Step at a Time: It takes many steps to cover a great distance. If you break each item on your to-do list down into steps, you make them less intimidating and more doable. While it is important to create an action plan for the future, push yourself to focus on each step as you make it. 

Follow a Schedule: Use different times of day to your advantage. Designating blocks of your day for your professional, personal, and financial responsibilities will help you prioritize, focus, and avoid running out of time on important tasks. 

Discipline Your Screen Time: When you switch between multiple tasks, mental residue or “cobwebs” of the activities may bleed into each other. This in turn detracts from your brain’s overall ability to process and problem solve with any single task. If you frequently check your phone and social media during work hours, your momentary break may be making it more difficult for you to focus in the long run! 

Don’t Push Too Hard: It is important to strike a balance between your work ethic and self-care habits. By taking care of yourself, you set yourself up to focus and function at your best. If you are struggling to focus, it may be a sign that you are mentally exhausted, hungry, or in need of a walk. Take breaks as necessary, but also stay mindful of any attempts to procrastinate or avoid your more intimidating responsibilities.  

Stop and Assess: A habit of periodic self-reflection will help you re-orient and identify the things that you both want to and need to focus on first. Of course, a habit of self-awareness will take time and practice to develop. Your mentor can give you a valued outside perspective on where you may want to focus. They can also share tips they have used for honing their own focus and disciplining themselves; even the most successful entrepreneurs struggle with focus from time to time! 

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