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How to Take Action (In Your Life & Business)

While goal-setting is essential to personal and professional growth, unless you actually take action toward accomplishing your goals, they may never move beyond mere thoughts and dreams. The specific actions you’ll need to take depend on your particular goal. For instance, you may need to overhaul your monthly budget, take on professional risk, or make a major decision that will have long-lasting consequences.

If you are having trouble taking the first step toward your goals or maintaining momentum required to accomplish them, try these four tips:

Establish a Clear Direction: Goal-setting is a valuable way to enable yourself to take action. If you know what you want to achieve, you will have an easier time moving in the direction of your goal. Create a finish line to motivate you along your journey!

Be Realistic: No matter what action you are considering, make your first step small and doable. Anxiety, perfectionism, or a lack of relevant information can all lead to our over-complicating our plan of action, thereby acting as barriers to reaching our goals. Simple, clear steps will be the most achievable. Enable yourself to take action by breaking the process of obtaining your goal into steps that fit your timeline and budget. You may realize you’ll need more time to achieve your goals than you first thought, or you may decide you want to accelerate your ability to succeed by pursuing further education, mentorship, or additional income.

Don’t Listen to Doubt: It can be easy to allow the negative voices in our heads to distract us and cause us to freeze up. The fear of making a mistake prevents many of us from taking meaningful action toward our goals. Scrapes and bruises are part of the growth process. If we learn to turn mistakes into lessons and overcome our self-limiting beliefs, we can avoid the loss of progress that comes whenever we stop ourselves from taking action out of fear or doubt.   

Acknowledge Your Actions: If you are having trouble maintaining your goal-setting momentum, take time to reflect on what your life looks like when you actively pursue your goals. Compare this with how you feel when you are not taking action. Even though it can be difficult to move toward meeting our goals, not taking action can also come at financial, personal, and professional cost. You deserve to reap the rewards of reaching fulfilling goals. When in doubt, reflect upon the benefits of accomplishing what you set out to do.

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