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How to Tackle Financial Stress

Headaches, stomach or back pain, difficulty sleeping, and distracted thoughts are common symptoms of a serious issue facing millions of American today: Financial stress!

If you feel frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed by your finances, you are not alone. Here are just four of many ways people overcome their financial stressors to restore their stability and peace of mind: 

Take Small Steps: Unfortunately, financial stress rarely goes away on its own. The good news? Our stressors can be defeated! This doesn’t necessarily require a grand, elaborate attack, but rather small and meaningful daily steps. A simple change in a daily habit is often all it takes to reduce financial stress. For instance, saving a little more or spending a little less can go a long way toward easing financial strain! Even if you feel buried under a mountain of debt, take a deep breath. There is no financial issue you face that cannot be tackled with time and focused effort. 

Identify the Source of Your Stress: Find the cause of your financial stress and then tackle it head on! For example, if you feel anxiety about your next major financial emergency, put yourself at ease and set a goal to build an emergency fund within six months. If you are having trouble staying on top of your debt, use apps and other organizational tools to help you pay on time (for your peace of mind AND your credit score!).

Get to Know Your Stress: Identifying and soothing your stress response directly is another way of reducing your financial stress. If your stress pushes you to shop, overeat, or take other unhealthful actions, make an effort to keep yourself away from these stress outlets. Push yourself to take care of your mind and body by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. This will help you reduce the effects of your stressors and enable you to make decisions with clear eyes and mind. If you feel like you are on the edge of a meltdown, consider taking a walk outside before calling a mentor or professional you trust.

Get Support: If you are feeling stressed, share how you feel with someone. Many people make the mistake of feeling responsible for their problems and think they should forge their financial path alone. Unfortunately, this attitude will do you a disservice! The world is full of people who have faced many of the same frustrations you are. Consider meeting with a mentor or professional who will help make the right decisions.

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