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How to Stay Effective under Stress

The business world is far from stress-free. If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost, take a step back! After you’ve taken a deep breath and given yourself a stress-relieving break, get back into the ring! Use these steps to help you tackle stress in stride and maintain your productivity this week: 

Be Kind to Your Body: While some stress is natural and unavoidable, an abundance of stress may be an indicator that your body needs to refuel. Lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity can contribute to the headaches, illness, body pains, and mental fog associated with stress and burnout. It may sound overly simple, but one of the best ways to combat the physical symptoms of stress during your day is to consume nourishing foods. Second, get enough sleep! Third, activate your body with intermittent walks and stretches during the day. Moving both activates and calms the mind.

Be Kind to Yourself: It is very difficult to function at our best when our mental tank is low on fuel. Just as you make time to care for your body, you should also set time every day to give your mind a break. Push yourself to let go of any negative feelings you may hold towards bad luck or personal decisions from your past. Instead, allow yourself to feel positive about what you can achieve in the present! 

Believe in Solutions: It is not uncommon to feel lost, frustrated, or pessimistic when you first run into a new source of stress. Even the most successful people can feel this way! The doubt and negative feelings that come with encountering the unknown are normal and, thankfully, navigable. The secret to finding solutions in the face of stress? Push through this initial paralysis! Any action that you take is a step in the right direction. Similarly, if you are facing a challenging situation, do not fixate on its causes, outside of identifying ones for the sake of avoiding them in the future. Focus instead on problem solving and step-by-step action-taking.

Get Guidance: Feeling stressed? Reach out. Your mentor can share tips for how they got better at facing stress during their day. 

It takes time, but with practice, you can learn how to reduce your own stress and make wiser decisions overall under pressure.  

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