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How to Lead Under Pressure

Deadlines, bad luck, economic downturns … the list of stressors that can put you and your team under pressure is endless! In times of stress, leadership matters more than ever. Whether you lead a team of two or twenty, the way you respond to hurdles and high-stress situations will directly impact your team’s ability to perform, adapt, and succeed in times of crisis. 

Today’s top leaders often practice the following to enable their team members and clients to stay safe, calm, and prosperous, in any situation:

Focus on Solutions: No matter how great the challenge, have faith that you and your team have the chops to see it through. Instead of fixating on the height of your hurdles, think up ways to get over them. 

Stay Outwardly Calm: Never underestimate the power of example. Your body language, word choice, and physical energy have the power to influence the people around you in positive or negative ways! If you are outwardly panicking or trying to find a party to blame, you are not conveying a sense of control or confidence. Show that you believe solutions are possible by keeping your voice and emotions under control.  

Ask How They Feel: Never assume that everyone is fine. Take time to talk to your team. An honest rapport will help you make sure you are doing everything in your power to improve their day. Open discussion will also enable you to address stressors and situations you may not have even been aware of. Check-ins are an important professional habit, both during times of stress and success. 

Keep It Simple: During times of stress, clear, straight-forward communication is vital. Express ideas clearly and break your action plans into simple, easy-to-understand steps. Help everyone stay on the same page by allowing yourself and the proper parties to be available as-needed for questions and suggestions.  

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