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How to Get Better at Solving Problems (and Reduce Your Stress!)

Facing problems is part of life. The way you respond to tough challenges can diminish your stress levels and help you stay on track for your financial and professional goals.

You will get better at facing issues and unexpected outcomes if you: 

Reframe «Problems» Altogether.

As nice as it might sound, living a problem-free life is impossible. Instead of dreading or railing against the fact that problems and complications exist, view them as opportunities to apply yourself and succeed. The more situations you face, the better prepared you will be for important professional challenges down the road. 

Plan Ahead.

Forward thinking will enable you to reduce your problems and make the challenges you do face more manageable. For example, if you have an emergency fund and strong financial foundation, you will have more bandwidth to focus on the demands and challenges that are crucial to address in your business. Preparing for worst-case scenarios can help you respond appropriately to sudden challenges. Effective planning will leave you better prepared to take on new types of problems, especially those associated with progress and navigating new territory. 

Address Your Mental Health.

Take care of your mind and body. Regular self-care is about more than feeling good; it’s about enabling yourself to make good decisions and think more clearly under stress. 

Practice Growth.

Open yourself up to learning. The more ways that you can apply your brain in the pursuit of new information and practices, the better a problem solver you will become! Likewise, make time to consult with your mentors. They can help you identify when you would benefit and grow from facing a big challenge versus when you should avoid addressing it. If you make personal growth a regular habit, your confidence and ability to solve problems will improve with each passing week. 

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