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How to Get Along with Irritating People In Your Business

If someone in your in-person or online meeting is rubbing you the wrong way, what should you do? 

You don’t want to lose your cool or focus, especially when trying to build your business. You can work to fix any unpleasant dynamics on your team immediately if you: 

Understand Your Feelings: Try to contextualize your view of this person. Your perception or judgement of them is based on your personal worldview, which is a result of your unique upbringing. Reflect: Is this person simply conflicting with your personal preferences? Or do you truly think their behavior is reprehensible? If you think someone, perhaps, is annoying, you can likely still find a way to work with them successfully. If you deeply disagree with their attitudes and actions, however, it may be worthwhile to speak with them and the rest of the team about what their role adds or takes away from everyone’s overall productivity levels.  

Confirm Your Shared Goals: Make sure that you and your teammates have a clear understanding of what you each want to achieve, as well as what you want to achieve together as a unit. Identify the tasks and objectives you share with each teammate. If you are still struggling to work with a particular team member, consider reaching out to your mentor. They can share their own methods for working with professionals who presented a challenging work dynamic in their past. 

Reflect on Their Strengths: If you are experiencing conflict with a teammate, remind yourself what this person does well. Everyone plays an important role on your team. You may even realize that you do not truly dislike this person but are possibly jealous of or intimidated by them! If this person’s penchant for conflict and unpleasantness outweighs their value, of course, everyone may be better off if their teammate applied their strengths in a different work environment instead. In this case too, speaking with a trusted mentor will provide an objective perspective and valuable insight to address this delicate and difficult situation. 

While conflict can lead to growth, too much conflict can slow down your workflow. Find more ways to create a productive balance for you and your team at the Syncis Money Blog today.