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How to Embrace Skills that Energize Your Work

Do you feel drained and unfulfilled at work? Many of us pursue jobs or careers for their salaries and relevance to our backgrounds, but this does not always translate to enjoyable, energizing work. If your overall work day is a slog, but you have occasional moments where it revives you, ask yourself: What skills are you applying during these moments? If certain tasks excite and refuel you at work, do yourself a favor by nurturing these untapped skills! Make an effort to integrate energizing tasks more frequently into your work day.

Try these three tips to help you identify and adopt the skills that truly satisfy and fuel you:

Think About What Energizes You: When was the last time you felt excited for a task at work? Unfortunately, many of us pay the bills with work that drains or frustrates us. Reflect on the skills and activities that you actually enjoy. For example, do you jump at the opportunity to reorganize and improve processes or to write, teach, redecorate, or problem solve? You may find particular satisfaction from creative opportunities or speaking with your clients. Many people feel drawn to go into business for themselves, but do not believe they have the entrepreneurial chops. If a certain work activity fulfills you, listen to this feeling! Integrating it into your day as much as possible can help refuel and enable you to face draining work with a clearer mind and brighter perspective.

Consult Your Peers: You may enjoy a certain activity, but not realize it in retrospect! If you are having trouble thinking of skills and tasks that energize you, consult your friends and coworkers. A mentor plays an important role here as well. Those around you likely have noticed that your mood and motivation improve when you are doing work you truly enjoy.

No Perfect Moment: There is no time like the present to make your work day more fulfilling. Even if you are not skilled at the tasks you enjoy at work, this can change with time and practice! Start working using the skills that feel best to you now to set yourself up for a more satisfying future. Consider pursuing classes and hobbies outside of work that develop the skills you enjoy. You may even be able to expand these skills into a new career!

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