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How to Develop Resilience

Has stress, strain, or failure ever made you want to give up? These six resilience-building habits will help you overcome obstacles and face your day with confidence:

Nurture Self-Respect: No matter what happens, remember, you have YOU. When you are feeling down or frustrated, reflect on the strengths, accomplishments, and qualities that make you who you are. You don’t need to have a huge ego, just a quiet confidence in yourself. This confidence will give you a solid base and remind you that regardless of your challenges, you have what it takes to face the challenges before you and succeed.

Know What Drives You: Identify what matters most to you. If you know what you value and what you are working toward, these can help you stay motivated and push yourself in directions that keep you in line with those values. Honesty, kindness, and love for your family, for example, are all motivators that can keep you resilient in the face of stressors.

Reduce Negativity in Your Life: If you identify people or activities that have a predominately negative impact on your life, limit your exposure to them. Negative people or habits will slowly chip away at your resilience. While it is sometimes possible to bring people into a more positive place with us, watch out from spending too much time around negative thoughts and energy.

Learn When to Complain: Sometimes, you may come across an issue that needs to be solved. In these cases, a complaint or comment can be constructive. In most cases, however, try to limit how much you complain about your struggles and stressors. Complaining can create a habit of viewing your challenges in a negative light, instead of a positive, resilient one! Push yourself to handle your stressors gracefully whenever possible. 

Care for Others: Find ways to give back to the people who matter most to you. A desire to provide for others is a strong external motivator that will help you stay resilient in the face of any struggle. Our friends, family, and peers can also be a valuable source of joy and relief that energizes us and enables us to push forward! 

Work with a Mentor: Figuring out how to navigate life’s difficulties, especially when we’re in the midst of a tough situation, is not easy. A mentor can provide time-tested approaches that will give us the clarity to solve problems effectively. With a mentor’s support, we can save ourselves time and unnecessary stress.

Be Adaptable: The world is always changing. New challenges and opportunities wait just beyond the horizon! Keep a mentality of learning and malleability so that you can adapt to challenges and changes quickly and gracefully. If you maintain a habit of lifelong learning, you have a better chance finding the skills that can help you overcome new obstacles. 

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