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How to Decide What Needs Your Attention NOW

Are your responsibilities pulling you in all directions? A full plate, while exciting, can also be overwhelming! 

When your to-do list fills up and every task feels important, how do you decide which tasks to tackle first? You can help yourself organize your priorities today if you: 

Time-Block: If you have not done so already, make a list of all the responsibilities you need to take care of this week. Your list will enable you to get a bird’s-eye view of your tasks. From there, you can organize similar tasks together. Designate specific blocks of time where you will focus on these tasks. Set aside hours where you will tackle your emails. Similarly, schedule separate time to make and return calls. Don’t forget to allocate time to address your financial goals for your week! If a particular task is intimidating you, schedule these more difficult or important tasks for the hours of the day when you know you are usually most productive.

Knock out a Task: Any task! If you are struggling to decide where to start, know that there is no one, perfect way to build your momentum. Just start taking action day by day! Consistent action will help you break down your larger goals and projects into small, manageable steps.

Prioritize Opportunities to Earn: When you block out your time, make sure you give yourself adequate time to pursue and prepare for the activities that earn you income. Prioritize these tasks within reason, of course! Try to optimize your time in the interest of meeting your financial goals while maintaining balance that will allow you to succeed over the long term. 

Say No to Burnout: Life is not just about productivity. It is about nurturing your own mind, as well as nurturing relationships with loved ones. Find the work-life balance that works for you. It understandably will take some trial and error to help you find your ideal work habits. You can save yourself time by consulting a mentor: They likely have tried-and-true tips they can recommend to help you both stay balanced and take action.  

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