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How to Build Unshakable Self-confidence and Optimism

Have you ever suffeed from bad luck, bad credit, or the pitfalls of bad decisions? When adversity strikes, it’s often tough not to be hard on ourselves and become paralyzed in a mire of self-doubt and criticism. One way to avoid getting stuck in negativity is to widen our perspective. With an attitude of self-confidence, positivity, and a sense of value in ourselves, we counter unworthiness or a fixation on the challenges we’re facing. Realism is useful, but there is also an energizing power to optimism.

If you are trying to find more success and positive growth in your life, ask yourself, “What am I reflecting and expressing to the world?” For people having a difficult time transforming their critical perspective of themselves into a supportive one, try these four tricks for growth:

  • It’s Not a Competition: We all want to strive for excellence. When we crane our necks to see what people in the lanes around us are doing, however, we often lose our own momentum in our lane and disrupt our progress toward the finish line. If we are struggling to feel confidence in our professional or financial abilities, we will benefit from the consideration that maybe, the people around us don’t exist so that we can compare ourselves to them. Maybe they exist as opportunities for us to help! Often, when we are feeling most useless, if we open ourselves up more freely to improve other’s lives, we can provide for someone what we never thought we could even provide ourselves.
  • Learn from Them: As overstated as it may be, no man or woman is an island. We can learn things from those we help, or those who want to help us, which can spark new inspiration in our lives in ways we didn’t think were otherwise possible. If you’re feeling negative or limited, consider looking around at opportunities to improve the way you live, work, and make financial decisions from your positively minded friends and peers.
  • Guard Your Self-talk: While it’s important to have a realistic view of any situation, you want to avoid casting a negative, self-critical cloud above your head that berates you for what you feel are missteps you’ve made. These thoughts may come from a desire for self-improvement, but they can also project outward. Try to become aware of and “corral” these thoughts. Replace them with the idea that you can and do deserve to make mistakes and learn from them. Remind yourself that life is about growth and improvement, not about perfection.
  • Intentional Action: If you’re feeling particularly down about your prospects, consider setting a goal of taking at least one, small disciplined action daily. This may be as simple as calling five more prospects than the day before, preparing yourself a nurturing meal, or saving an extra $20. Any meaningful, intentional action that takes your life a step in the direction you wish it were going is, in fact, an accomplishment that builds momentum toward the growth you truly want to see. Don’t let doubt keep you from making major strides. If you make an effort of maintaining tiny but positive habits, you remind yourself not only what you are capable of, but also that any staircase needs to be built piece by piece, not overnight.

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