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How to Be More Persuasive & Influential

Looking for ways to build your professional network, make a great impression, and bring in more clients? Communication tactics you can adopt right now include: 

Promote Inclusiveness: If people see you working well with others and respecting their contributions, they will be more open to supporting you and your business. Every person that you include in your network, whether as your client, teammate, or mentor, is a chance to grow, learn, and find new professional opportunities. The larger your reach and network, the better your visibility and credibility will be. 

Express the Value of Your Service: The public may not see the value of your services until you lay it out for them. Testimonials and referrals from happy clients and examples of past success can help convince people that your services will be of help to them.  

Ask Questions: Questions help you learn more from people. While it may take time, asking questions is also an excellent way to encourage people to reflect and think in new ways. Questions engage you with your audience and help them feel like you truly care about what they have to say. When people feel seen and appreciated, they are more likely to return the appreciation to you and your business. 

Get Others’ Support: If you can show that other respected people believe in what you are doing, the public will take notice. Seek the advice and support of successful people in your field. Develop a relationship with a mentor; mentorship can bring new solutions, positivity, and esteem to your work life. 

Adjust to Your Audience: What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Be present and actively listen. Once you have an understanding of your audience’s needs and values, you can adjust your rhetorical tactics appropriately. It may take time to learn how to appeal to as many audiences as possible, but with practice, you will learn what unique appeals work best for you and your services. 

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