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How Much Stress Is Too Much?

Do you feel stressed or overworked? While you may think that the best way to approach your week is on its “MAX” setting, it is very possible and, in fact, common for people to overwork and under-rest themselves on a regular basis. Unfortunately, studies show that if the brain does not get adequate time to recover after a heightened state of stress, cognitive function can become impaired. Mental exhaustion can even make the body more susceptible to injury and illness!

In the interest of maximizing our profits and productivity, many of us overload our plates. As a result, we don’t give ourselves the breaks we deserve. If you feel stress for one of the following reasons, clear your head by re-assessing your work-life balance and other regular habits:

Does your day feel long and impossible? You have a few ways you can take back your day! Remember that it is okay to say “no” to tasks if you feel like you are working at maximum bandwidth.

Take a look at what you do both at and away from work. Set yourself up to feel well and think clearly during your day. If staying up late binge-watching television or having a drink with friends is sapping your energy, consider steering your schedule and focus toward tasks that benefit your productivity and output during the week and result in greater overall health.  

Do you feel like you have no free time? Consider adopting time-management habits so that you can have the room you need in your schedule to succeed. Taking breaks and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are key ways to do your best at work and achieve your personal goals.

To avoid burn out, make time for tasks that reward and refresh you. Assess and identify time wasters and inefficiencies in your daily schedule. Plan ahead for social events with friends and family. Avoid improvising and saying “yes” to last-minute social events when possible. These can derail your schedule for days or even weeks. Remember, you can’t do it all. Prioritize your needs in your schedule. You are allowed to say both “yes” and “no” when it comes to your selfcare and time spent socializing with others.

Are you in more debt than you can pay down and the bills keep coming? Stop spending on credit and keep social outings to a minimum. To help yourself feel more in control of your finances, push yourself to pay off as much of your debt each month as possible. Take up a practice of gratitude to help you reel in spending. Identifying areas in your life you’re grateful for will also help you see the positives in your life and reduce your temptation to distract yourself with unnecessary spending.  

Do you feel tired and stressed all the time? Working endlessly to accomplish goals may seem like a good idea at first. However, if your efforts result in burn out, you may abruptly stop progressing altogether. Maintain a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise to give yourself the basic selfcare you need to succeed. A good night’s sleep is also crucial to your ability to think and function at your best. An ideal source of energy and inspiration is motivational talk with a mentor you respect!  

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