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How Entrepreneurs Maintain Peak State in the Face of Setbacks

While building your own business is a rewarding experience, your road to success will likely be full of setbacks and frustrations. Receiving an angry email, dealing with a difficult client, or hearing terrible news can throw you off mentally and emotionally before you know it.

Don’t let a long day of roadblocks make you want to crawl into bed rather than solve problems and stay motivated! Maintain your peak performance by taking control of your negative emotions. Bounce back and reclaim your day with these three tips:

Aim for Your Peak State: “Peak state” is characterized by a high level of productivity and focus. Studies show that people have the easiest time maintaining their peak state when they feel calm and positive. One common trait of highly successful people is that they have learned to control their emotions. By doing so, they are able to recover quickly when facing setbacks and return to a peak state.

With the help of mindfulness habits, such as focused-breathing techniques, you will stay aware of your emotions and steer yourself back toward a productive mindset. When you notice anxiety and negative feelings have taken the forefront of your brain, clear them away. Have faith that no matter what you face, your problem-solving and commitment to your goals will help you overcome what stands in your way. It can take practice and time to find the mindfulness exercises that work for you, but the effort and peak-state payoff will be 100 percent worth it!

Identify Your Goals: Stay focused on your objectives to help you work through emotions and brush off the weight of your stressors. Watch out for getting bogged down by tasks and demands that take you away from your goals. If you and your team stay united in a shared purpose, your drive to achieve these objectives will help you mitigate your emotions, power through your problems, and strive toward success.

Get Your Mind in Shape: Similar to how regular exercise keeps your body healthy and strong, your mind needs and deserves the same attention! Instead of waking up and heading right for your social media, consider instead reading inspirational or motivational content that will enrich and challenge your mind. Also, consider finding a mentor who will help you build the mental and emotional strength you need to take control of your mood and your day.

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