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Four Ways You Can Prepare for Retirement

Most of us dream of a stress-free retirement. If you prepare now, you reduce the chance of financial headaches and increase the likelihood that when you do finally retire, it will be on your terms.

Take these four steps to set yourself up for a comfortable, secure retirement down the road:

Get Rid of Your Debt: Don’t let debt and the associated interest take an unwelcome bite out of your retirement. Help yourself stick to your budget and make the most of your nest egg. Set a goal to pay down your debt, such as your credit card debt or a mortgage, before you retire. Target high interest rate balances first to take the weight off and increase your savings power.

Save More, Save Smarter: While interest is the enemy of the borrower, it is also the savior of the saver. Start now to build a strong retirement fund. That way, you’ll benefit from the growing power of compound interest over time. Make major financial decisions with care. If you have any questions about the steps that are right for you and your plans, seek the advice of a professional.

Do Your Research: Learn about retirement-related plans, programs, and expenses now so that you can benefit and prepare accordingly. Sign up for Medicare on-time and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of taking Social Security earlier versus later in life. When creating your retirement budget, take the cost of living in your retirement into account and save with room for inflation. 

Budget Realistically: When estimating the amount you want to have saved for retirement, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. For example, where you live will dictate your cost of living and play a role in how much you pay in taxes. Your source of retirement income may also be subject to taxes. If you plan on living a long, healthy life, take all possible retirement expenses into consideration, and save accordingly. And then, save a little more.

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