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Four Ways to Replenish Your Energy and Motivation

Are you trying to start a new career? Or do you want to excel at your current one? If you would like to take the next step toward your goals, you deserve to face each day at your best. A full tank of fuel will set you up for success! But if you have times throughout the day where you feel physically or mentally exhausted and you still have more to do, consider trying these easy, helpful daily habits: 

Get More Sleep: No matter how motivated you are, if you do not get enough sleep, you will feel tired the next day. Instead of over caffeinating and pushing yourself to your limit, retool your schedule. For most of us, we require seven to eight hours of sleep a night. If you cannot get enough sleep, do not shy away from the idea of catching a power nap instead of drinking another cup of coffee. Even ten minutes of shut eye in your car or on a couch will make a difference in how you feel.

Take a Walk: Ideally, go somewhere with fresh air and plant life. Not only does sunlight help rebalance your sleep cycle, the exercise will be good for your blood pressure and give you a chance to center yourself away from your screens.

Do One Thing at a Time: Many Americans face a full plate of work on a daily basis. The pressure to maintain a high rate of output has pushed many of us to become multi-taskers. Instead of attacking multiple tasks at a time, however, tackle one task at a time. You may think that multitasking feels productive and delivers more finished products at once, but there is in fact a mental toll to multitasking! Multiple studies, including those by the American Psychological Association, show evidence that multitasking makes it more difficult to focus and perform at your best. Multitasking can increase mental fatigue and leave you with a “switching effect,” the equivalent of mental cobwebs! Give your brain the room it deserves by taking smaller bites off your plate instead.

Re-Fill Your Cup: Time with friends or a supportive mentor will go far in terms of restoring your positive energy. Taking time with people you can console and consult with can help motivate you to conquer the rest of your week!

In order to grow professionally, you need to give yourself room to rest and recover on a regular basis so that you can flourish during the day.

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