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Four Ways to Make Networking Easier

As much as we wish we’d experience success purely based on our own efforts and volition from day one, or shortly thereafter, this is rarely the case. Success seldom occurs overnight, nor does it grow in a vacuum: most triumphs are a result of lessons, connections, and small steps of progress that build over time. All three of these usually involve the support and insight of our friends and colleagues. And it takes time and effort to build these valuable support networks.

It may seem daunting to meet and connect with people we don’t know. But in order to create the network of men and women necessary to promote our financial and professional growth, we often have to meet new individuals who can help us someday achieve our goals.

If you are nervous about networking, try following these four steps:

  • Don’t Be Taken by Surprise: Prepare for the moment when someone asks you to talk about yourself. Imagine a clear, 30-second-long introduction. Even if you presently have a job, consider maintaining an open mind in order to pursue opportunities that could lead to a secondary source of income.
  • Speak to People You Know: Tell your friends and colleagues about where you would like to grow financially or professionally. They may know someone who has just the expertise you need and provide an introduction. This is a good way to gain mentors and valuable insight that can help you feel more confident on your path.
  • Stay Organized: Create a system that will help you remember the names of the people you have connected with. Whether you use a chart, a deck full of business cards, or an app, it is important to record the people you meet. Determine who can take you further toward your professional and financial goals.
  • Be Helpful, But Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: After introductions have been made during a networking event, you may feel unsure what to talk about during a networking conversation. Ask yourself two quick questions: is there something I can possibly help this person with? Is there a way I can genuinely ask for help from them? These questions are important because they convey that you care about what the other person wants, and it shows you are actively pursuing growth in a specific direction.

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