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Four Ways to Fight Fear

No matter how much we work, plan, or save, many of us still struggle to overcome one thing: our fear. If doubts or worries are keeping you from progressing on your financial journey, consider these four ways to fight your fears:

  • Identify It: Maybe you’ve been stalling on savings, for example, because you don’t believe that you’ll ever manage to save up enough for a home, or you fear that if you do, the mortgage payments and upkeep will be an expensive mistake. Whatever your concern, sit down, and imagine the situation you’re afraid of. Once you have made clear to yourself the reason why you feel doubtful or hesitant, just like shouting Rumpelstiltskin’s name, you will be able to wrangle and gain control over your fear.
  • Nurture Positive Emotions: Whether you doubt your ability to save, or fear for the worst, part of overcoming your fears will come from simply believing you are better than you are giving yourself credit. Take time to feel proud of your strengths, and don’t let a lack of confidence keep you from meeting doable, enjoyable goals, such as taking on and succeeding in a second career.
  • Face the Fear: Thankfully, when it comes to our financial concerns, our particular fears usually have specific, tangible solutions. You may be afraid of an emergency, or worry you will not be prepared for an accident. Challenge yourself to aggressively take on the goal you feel the least confident in. You may also be surprised to hear that after a few month’s saving, you can build yourself an emergency fund to give you peace of mind.
  • Turn to Others: You are not the only person you know who has struggled to achieve a goal because of their fear. Our peers can be great sources of advice and motivation. Consider speaking with savings-minded friends, or even a financial professional, if uncertainty is keeping you from making financial progress.

Self-doubt is one of the most common forms of fear people experience. To regain confidence in your present and future financial strength, visit the Syncis blog at