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Five Ways Leaders Stay Productive

There are only so many hours in the day! Make sure you and your team stay productive with the help of these five habits:

Share Your Goals: Instead of working blindly toward success, identify the direction you want to take your business. Make your company’s goals clear to your team. You and your team will have a much better shot at success if you have a shared mission! Once you know your desired destination, you can break the journey into smaller steps that everyone can follow and take action on, together and separately.

Communicate: And encourage communication! You and your team will get the most done each day if all participants feel enabled to ask questions and give feedback. By letting your team know that you are open to suggestions and criticism, you demonstrate that you are adaptable and dedicated to success, not your ego. Make yourself available to your team and let them know that they are invited to communicate with you honestly, where both of you uphold mutual respect for one another.  

Trust Your Team: Have faith that your team will do the tasks you delegate to them. Give them space to do their work. You don’t need to babysit! Trust your team to bring your company closer to your shared goals. This will free you up to take care of your daily responsibilities and make progress within your own role.

Manage Your Time: Use time-management tools to help you make adequate time for both your tasks and the needs of your team. Consider holding office hours or setting blocks of time that you are available in order to limit interruptions when you are working. Time management will also help you make sure you are putting time toward what matters most to you. For example, if volunteering is important to you, make sure your weekly schedule gives you the room you need to do so. 

Embody Your Business’ Values: Whether you like it or not, your team looks to you as an example. Practice the values and behaviors you would like to see in your team. Stay dedicated to quality. Be giving and respectful, and they will follow. Be willing to lend an open ear. Your consistency and achievements will inspire them and give them a clear sense of the standards they should strive to uphold.

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