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Feeling Stagnant or Simply Bored? Four Ways to Regain Motivation

Every person faces unique challenges along their professional path. It can feel like an uphill battle to build your business some days! If you are struggling to feel optimistic or energized, it may be a sign you could benefit from adopting these energy-restoring habits right away: 

Celebrate Small Wins: Don’t withhold positivity from yourself. The everyday tasks required to build a business are commendable within themselves. You don’t have to wait until you accomplish a major milestone to celebrate your progress! You deserve to feel good about any amount of growth or action-taking. Likewise, it is important to celebrate the growth and achievements of the members of your team, as well as your support network! 

Look for and Address Obstacles: Does a certain goal or task intimidate you? Are there obstacles outside your control that are currently preventing you from completing certain tasks? Try to break down holdups and tough situations into elements that you can address and solve, step by step. If you notice you are avoiding or procrastinating on certain goals, push yourself to dedicate time to these sticky but still very necessary actions as soon as possible. 

Take Time with Your Team: You may be feeling stagnant at times because you have developed tunnel vision on your own problems or goals. Your team is not just the people you work with; your team also comprises your greater professional network, your friends, and your family. Don’t be afraid to share your concerns out loud, or simply to take time to observe and celebrate the successes of those around you. Your mentor and close peers can help you keep positive and negative elements of your life in balance; the secret to connection and growth is in part learning when to vent your emotions and when to focus your energies on problem solving. 

Ask Your Mentor: Still struggling to feel engaged in or fulfilled by your work? Chances are one of your mentors has also felt lost or unmotivated during their career. They can share advice that is both based in real experience and appropriate for your personal goals. Your mentor may observe that you would benefit from changing your habits at work or changing your mindset.  

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