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Feeling Overwhelmed? Tips for Gaining Calm & Clarity

Do you feel stressed, distracted, or stretched thin? Take time to nurture your mind: you will feel calmer, clearer, and more productive under stress.  

You will help yourself focus and work through difficult or overwhelming moments in your career if you:

Stay Mindful. 

Make a habit of acknowledging your physical and mental state on a daily basis. The simple act of checking in with how you feel throughout the day can help you avoid stress and overwhelm. When you catch yourself tensing up or shutting down, take a few moments to assess and address your needs. 


Stress can get to anyone. Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed before? When you start to feel stressed, take some deep breaths. The simple act of breathing can do wonders for both your health and your stress levels. Slowing down your heart rate lowers your blood pressure and can make it easier to get a hold on racing or negative thoughts. 


Reflect: what goals are most important today? Allow yourself to focus on urgent and professionally prudent tasks first. Give yourself time to get them done; set realistic expectations for yourself. Make a list, as well, of the tasks you won’t be tackling immediately but will be addressing in the near future. Staying organized will help you focus and achieve more during your month.  

Move Your Body. 

Stretch, take a walk, or do a workout. Exercising gives your mind time to process the stressors of your current week. A habit of physical activity will also enable your body to handle stress more effectively in the future! 

Reach Out. 

If you’re feeling overworked or out of your league, contact someone who can assist you. Your mentor can guide you toward healthy rituals that will help you restore your center. Likewise, take time to connect with the people who matter the most in your life, like your family. They can boost your drive and help you focus on your goals.

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