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Extend Your Reach and Make Real Connections: Two Techniques to Try Today

Personal development, networking, and dedication to your values will help you create your client base as you build your business. But what’s the secret to meaningful, connecting conversation with your potential clients? 

These two communication methods can be highly beneficial techniques to have on your interpersonal tool belt: 

Get to Know People 

Take time to listen to the people you meet: You never know how you may be able to help each other in the future! Ask questions about people’s passions and personal hobbies. Practice active listening. Learn about their professional backgrounds. If you show that you are interested in getting to know people, they will understand that you respect their needs and experiences as an individual. Demonstrating your ability to both listen and appreciate them will help you build relationships with potential clients, mentors, and friends alike. Once you know more about a person’s goals and achievements, if appropriate, let them know that you are available to be of assistance to them. They may even refer someone else they know in need of your useful services and open attitude to you!

Speak the Way They Do 

Talk their language. What does this mean? Appeal to people’s personal values. In general, everyone responds well to being listened to; treat everyone you meet with respect. One of the best ways to demonstrate that you understand where someone is coming from is to mirror them. This does not mean that you need to start acting exactly like your clients! The benefit of getting to know someone is that you can start speaking to them using their personal frames of reference. Overall, when you are growing your client base, you want to adopt communication practices that enable you to connect with each person’s unique decision-making processes. Similarly, take time to learn what appeals work best for them, such as if they are someone who puts more weight into data or on interpersonal recommendations when making decisions. 

When recommending your services to people, you will likely find that some communication tactics connect universally; in general, however, a personalized approach will help you make the most fruitful, lasting connections with new clients and mentors alike.   

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