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Create Your Ideal Workspace

Do you want to produce higher quality work, feel more energized, and be more productive this week? Stay mindful of your work environment.

Whether you work from home, commute to an office, or travel throughout your workday, you have options for how you can adapt to and benefit from your space. 

Ways that you can take control of your space and make it more conducive to your work habits include:

Get Physically Comfortable.

Tension, strain, and poor circulation are bad for your productivity, as well as your overall stress levels. Make sure you are working from an ergonomic position. Supportive chairs and standing desks promote healthy posture, which translates to better blood flow and brain function.

Use Adequate Lighting.  

Work in a well-lit area. Dark and poorly lit spaces can not only strain your eyes; they can also make you feel sleepy or drained. If your current work environment does not have enough light, add new sources to your space. Make time each day to get sunlight as well; even a few minutes of sun can give you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which is an immune-boosting, mood-supporting nutrient we all need to stay well and energized. 

Reduce Distractions. 

The human mind is not meant to multitask. Keep screens not relevant to your work out of sight during your working hours. Minimize social media time; fight that urge to scroll! Do not work in front of a television. While it is important to take breaks throughout the day, also try to keep social time in healthy balance. Consider creating a system with your team to signal when you should not be disturbed versus when you are available to chat. 

Stay True to You. 

Find and adopt the workspace features that function best for you. For example, some people like music in their workspace; others work better with silence. If certain steps and features enable you to focus and accomplish your goals, make them a habit! Thankfully, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; adopt tried-and true-strategies. If you are having trouble finding or creating an ideal workspace, consult your mentor. They likely have tips for creating a more focus-forward work environment that’s right for you.

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