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Can Worrying Actually Be Healthy?

You may want to change your attitude toward anxiety: While too much worry or “neuroticism” can have negative impacts on your health and happiness, it is not necessarily unhealthy to feel worried! Worry can motivate people to plan, save, and take care of themselves.

If you are worried about your finances or goals for the future, take a deep breath. These feelings are normal. In fact, they can actually help you! Your worry can motivate you to:

Analyze before You Act: No one enjoys the feeling of making a wrong decision. If you are worried about the outcome of an action, perform a cost-benefit analysis. Still unsure if this option is the right choice for you? Reach out to a respected mentor. Their experience can help you address your worries and be better informed about the potential ramifications of your considered action.  

Make Plans: Worried about something? Address it head-on with a plan! A plan of action can help you proactively avoid or address the thing you are worried about. When you create a step-by-step plan, you enable yourself to act. Making plans can help you act now, as well as have strategies in place for potential upcoming events. 

Prepare for the Future: If you worry about the future, you are not alone. We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Thankfully, we can prepare for it! You can reduce your worries about future health issues by taking care of your health right now. Similarly, you can address your financial health today to create your ideal financial future. For example, setting aside the same amount of money every month can help you build your emergency fund, thereby protecting you from unexpected expenses. Once you have created an emergency fund, you will have an easier time saving for your future goals without interruption. 

We can help you turn those worries into action! Learn more ways to channel your stress and achieve your goals at the Syncis Money Blog